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Wine on amd64

Users running AMD64 interested in Wine might want to take a look at the wiki entry and the download page. Of course, this is all completely unofficial.

No warranties whatsoever. Your head might explode.

#1 Re: Wine on amd64

Added on 2010-05-28T20:23 by Fernape

I've been using it for a while, mainly to run Spotify. It works great.

#2 Re: Wine on amd64

Added on 2010-06-30T07:08 by rusty

Using the 1.2.r1 with the nvidia patch on FreeBSD 8.1 PRE. Thanks a lot for pucking this package together Ivan.

#3 Re: Wine on amd64

Added on 2012-11-11T05:01 by abelard

Works great. Thanks!

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