Ask my book anything about early stage startups

This is a GPT-driven text model based on my soon-to-be-published book "European VC-funded Startup Cookbook"


The book does an AMA

Though advanced, even GPT3 isn't perfect, and the quality of its responses greatly depends on the quality of its training data. The model used in this project was trained to answer questions and elaborate on topics present in the book. It's inherently a probabilistic model and will give a different answer every time you ask it to respond.

This endevour has some downsides:

  • It will sometimes fabricate an answer just because the sequence of words seem "probable" to it.
  • Even though this is a fine-tuned model based on base OpenAI models, there is occasional "bleeding" of GPT's general knowledge into the generated responses (continuations), i.e. it outputs information which is definitely NOT in my book.
  • Occasionally, it will return a hillarious answer :) And sometime's it's profound. Just enjoy it...

Some of those could probably be resolved by using better training data and by adding negative examples.

Since it costs money to run this, please don't abuse it, or I will have to take it down. It is NOT a general ChatGPT.

EDIT: to help with performance, I will be CACHING responses from OpenAI APIs (read more about it in the "About" section).

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